Seasons Change


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Running time: 117 mins
Released: 2006
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Pom's season of love began one sunny morning after high school final exam. Pom is an ordinary boy who lives a typical life, except when it comes to his love for Rock N' Roll and his extraordinary drum major skills. One girl will help him find his real place in this new world. On the first day of summer Pom follows Dao, a very popular student amongst her peers for being smart, beautiful and gifted in playing violin. She makes it into Thailand's only music school Salaya, Mahidol College which has a curriculum that is 70% music and 30% general education. Dao wants to study here because she is music oriented, but Pom wants to be here to be next to her. Dao plays the violin because it is her love, Pom gives up the drums for the timpani because of the girl. Pom imagines a bright and sunny walk down "easy" street for being fortunate enough to be in the orchestra, but instead he finds himself drenched by a torrent of difficulties when he realises that his talents in drumming can't help him in the least, when it comes to playing the timpani.