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Running time: 99 mins
Released: 2019
From Mediapart is a feature length documentary, which follows the journalists of the online newspaper mediapart during the year where Emmanuel Macron was elected president. Mediapart began in 2008, it is entirely add-free and solely funded on subscriptions. It has become a reference both in political and investigative journalism and has 160,000 subscribers today. Naruna has been following and reading the newspaper since the beginning, and the film originates from her relationship to its history. The French elections of 2017 were incredibly uncertain. Corruption and the rise of the right-wing party were at stake, but also a general disgust for traditional politics and intense social struggles which had taken to the streets shortly before. The newspaper and its journalists were at the forefront of all these interrogations, big and small, intimate, national and international. The film focuses on the collective work from inside the newsroom, and questions contemporary journalism.