We Need to Talk About Kevin


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Running time: 111 mins
Released: 2011
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An exquisitely realised adaptation of Lionel Shriver's international best-seller, We Need To Talk About Kevin is told through the eyes of Eva, an anguished mother who struggles to connect with her son, Kevin. Eva puts her ambitions and career aside to have Kevin, and their relationship is difficult from the very start. When Kevin commits an unthinkable, irredeemable act, Eva grapples with her failings as a parent while attempting to rebuild her life. Was she at fault? Did she resent her son from birth?Equal parts thriller, drama and tragedy, We Need To Talk About Kevin was a critics and audience favourite at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. It brilliantly explores the ideas of nature versus nurture and unconditional love. Academy Award winning actor Tilda Swinton (Michael Clayton) turns in a stunning and breathtakingly fragile and memorable performance. Absolutely captivating, We Need To Talk About Kevin is a mesmerising and astute piece of cinema that will spark much debate.